May Conference on Strategic Management

First announcement and call for papers

Environmental and Material Flow Management

First announcement and call for papers
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The articles appearing in the list below have been submitted to the Serbian Journal of Management (SJM) for publication. The articles have passed the reviewing process and are accepted for publication in one of the following issues, based on the quality control and referees suggestions. Before the final publication the manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism on the official IThenticate platform. 

Editor-in-Chief has the last word concerning the issue in which each paper will be published. Also, Editor-in-Chief can, in his sole discretion, decide not to publish a paper from the list below, if the IThenticate control indicate some irregularities. Authors of the papers will have to sign an copyright agreement before the proofs of the papers become available online.

Article ID: Authors: Title of the manuscript: Article meta data: Downloadable proof:
9464-43692 Dragan Pamučar, Darko Božanić, Aca Ranđelović Multi-criteria decision making: An example of sensitivity analysis Meta Data Corrected_proof (pdf)
10187-47430 Le Trung Thanh Determinants of capital structure: an empirical study on Vietnamese listed firms Meta Data Corrected_proof (pdf)
10539-49122 Sanja Dalton The impact of training on operational performance: the case of the customs service at Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade  Meta DataCorrected_proof (pdf)
10764-50265 Sanja Centineo, Santo Centineo Investment innovation trends: factor-based investing  Meta Data Corrected_proof (pdf)
10778-50347 Jan Kalina High-dimensional data in economics and their (robust) analysis  Meta Data Corrected_proof (pdf)
10785-50391 Bahar Turk, Aysel Ercis  4A marketing mix impact on organic food purchase intention
10899-50923 Jaka Vadnjal Video-lectures: an effective ceomplementary teaching method at business college Meta Data Corrected_proof (pdf)
11138-52224 Jaroslav Vrchota, Petr Rehor Influence of strategies to determine the significance of the crisis by the managers of small and medium - sized enterprises Meta Data Corrected_proof (pdf)
11228-52742 Miloš Gejdoš, Marek  Potkany Prediction and analysis of Slovakian timber trade on global market conditions
11229-52750 Iveta Ubreziova How to perceive the corporate social responsibility in the agro-food companies
11357-53517 Alexander Miller Methodological approach to assessment of organizational resources of the productive activity Meta Data Corrected_proof (pdf)
11430-53841 Minhajul Islam Ukil Determining success factors for effective strategic change: role of middle managers' strategic involvement Meta Data Corrected_proof (pdf)
10418-48428Ladislav MuraEmpirical results of entrepreneurs' network: case study of SlovakiaMeta DataCorrected_proof (pdf)
11916-56356Deepika Kaur, Shashi SrivastavaCorporate debt restructuring and firm performance: a study of Indian firms
12048-56950Valentina Gerasimenko, Olga MolchanovaGlobal pressure or national identity: strategic challenges for Russian business schoolsMeta DataCorrected_proof (pdf)
11452-58067Livia Alice Mozsar KovacsneReducing IT costs and ensuring safe operation with application of portfolio management 
11452-58067Mirac Eren, Murat Eren, Selim Basar Measuring of human development through the output-oriented super efficiency vrs. DEA model without inputs