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Serbian Journal of Management, 17(2) (2022) 271 - 494

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Moslem PeymanyMetadataMethod for choosing appropriate investment periods to make arbitrage profit and explain stock returns271
Hector Montiel-Campos Metadata Entreprenurial alertness of founder-managers and the moderating effect of their fear of failure 289
Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Lam Ba Hoa Metadata Entrepreneurship performance of Vietnam  303
Maryna Pichugina, Lina Artemenko Metadata Project development of open education platform for the company competitiveness  321
Slobodan Aćimović, Veljko Mijušković, Dušan Marković, Ana Todorović Spasenić Metadata The relationship between logistics and organizational performance in a supply chain context 333
Aneta Olejniczak Metadata The usage of Instagram app on the example of young consumers of the Generation Z 351
Michal Pivnička, Denisa Hrušecka, Lucie HrbačkovaMetadataIntroduction of a new flexible human resources planning system based on digital twin approach: a case study 361
Raymon Panjaitan, Muhammad Hasan, Resista Vilkana Metadata Sophisticated technology innovation capability: entrepreneurial resiliance on disaster - resiliant MSMEs 375
Kosovka Ognjenović, Dejana Pavlović, Duško Bodroža Metadata Are a self-employed at a higher poverty risk: empirical evidence from Serbia silc data 389
Michael Adu Kwarteng, Diego Fernando Plata Lerma, Mark Ratilla, Petr Novak, Lukas ZlamalMetadataExtending the UTAUT model to understand the barriers towards SME digitalization in Czech Republic 403
Aron- Axel Wadlewski Metadata Determinants of the development of muli-level marketing in Poland in the context of differences between generations X, Y and Z 425
Andrijana Maksimović, Zoran MilosavljevićMetadataLiberal vs restrictive concept of the EU immigration policies 439
Paolo Bragatto, Silvia Maria AnsaldiMetadataCyber physical systems for occupational safety at industrial sites: opportunities and challenges 451
Aleksandar Simonović, Dragan KostićMetadataFree zones of the Republic of Serbia - business results 2011-2021 and future development 463
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